The Truth About Carpet & Rug Cleaning

If you just cleaned the carpet or you’re serious about hiring a cleaner, then you’ll most likely have a couple of questions in regards to the process. Hopefully, our answers to a few of the most common questions with carpet and rug cleaning can help you. Find carpet cleaning companies near me.

When should it be dry?

Carpets may take anywhere from 8 to one day to totally dry. If it is humid outside, it could take longer. Fans will often expedite the drying process by moving air around and wicking the moisture away. If you are able to open your windows in the home that too can help supercharge the process, but provided that you’re in a very dry climate.

Will cleaning my floors make them dirtier faster?

This can be a myth. Proper cleaning removes all cleaning agents and detergents from the fibers. So long as all residual cleaning solutions are removed, plus the floors don’t get dirty any sooner than they would usually with heavy number of individuals One fact to contemplate is re-applying a protector beyond just the carpet. As time passes with cleaning, the protector is removed. These products really make a difference in all the memories of your floor and to discover the re-soiling.

Help! My carpet made a bubble inside it right after cleaning!

Carpet ripples or … Continue to Read